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Your timeless weapon against age, a simple step to take years off your face. Anti-ageing saviours to turn back the clock of time – feel the lustre of youth once again. Experience a more beautiful version of yourself with our complete suite of beauty treatments.


Considered the mark of feminine beauty, the Asian V-shape face contour can be achieved by naturally lifting and tightening the jawline.

Focused Ultrasound (1 session) + Botulinum

Suitable for those with a more prominent, structured jawline, puffy cheeks and rounder chin. A dream come true for your desired face line without going under the knife.

V-Shape face II

Creating the desired face line for silver elegance – a slim v-shape face.

Focused Ultrasound (1 session) + Botulinum + Thread

Suitable for those who desire the signature slim and oval face shape, significantly contoured face line, and reduced double chin and saggy cheeks.

Face Slimming I

Facial contouring for the seamless V. The key to the fountain of youth and femininity – think sharper jawline, tighter neckline and lifted cheeks. Surely the envy of women in our century.

Botulinum + Filler Chin

Suitable for those who desire a smaller and firmer face, transforming the facial contour to one that exudes confidence from within.

3D Nose

Your ideal au-naturel 3D-shape nose. Shape and lift the nose bridge and tip in the most natural and beautiful way.

Botulinum + Thread

Suitable for those with low, broad nose bridges, and who desire a sharper nose that instantly adds dimension to the face.

4D Eye Inch

Attain a smooth, youthful appearance to your gaze. Put a stop to daunting battles against dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines.

Botulinum + Eye Booster + Thread

Suitable for those who want to put the sparkle back to their eyes, reducing under eye fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.

Perfect Neck

Rejuvenated skin with a sculpted and youthful contour. Lifting of the face and neck to reach the Asian beauty ideal.

Focused Ultrasound (1 session) + Picotoning (3 sessions)

Suitable for those with stubborn facial or neck fat pockets, and who desire the attractive V-line facial contour – a symbol of female beauty and elegance.

Double Chin I

Achieve the epitome of beauty with a chiseled, V-line chin. Capture perfection at every angle, from the neck, chin and jawline.

Cryolysis (4 sessions) + High Focused Ultrasound (2 sessions)

Suitable for those with stubborn fat under the chin and upper neck, and who desire a youthful and sharp facial contour.

Skin Lift I

Naturally restore skin’s collagen and elasticity for that desired youthful bounce. A non-invasive solution to instantly tighter and brighter skin.

Focused Ultrasound (2 sessions) + Botulinum

Suitable for those who want to eliminate stress and fatigue, and regain natural-looking youthful skin.

Skin Lift II

Rewind the genetic timepiece by stimulating collagen production and tightening the skin. – for the coveted firm, younger-looking skin.

Focused Ultrasound (2 sessions) + Botulinum + Thread

Suitable for those who want to diminish appearance of ageing skin, and see visibly improved contour of the face and neck.

Clear Scar I

A fully customised skin solution. Reduce wrinkles, scars and other skin’s imperfections to achieve smooth and dewy skin.

Picoresurfacing & Phototherapy (6 sessions)

Suitable for those with fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, and who desire perfectly polished and porcelain clear skin.

Clear Scar II

Don’t let facial scarring get in your way. Exude effortless confidence with evenly-toned complexion, silky to your every touch.

Chemical Peel & Phototherapy (8 sessions)

Suitable for those who desire dramatic improvement in acne and depressed scars. Resurface unevenness and treat discolouration of the skin.

Clear Acne

Alleviate your acne woes in just 24 hours. An astounding treatment concoction to fade redness, brighten skin, promote new cell turnover, and reduce breakouts.

Peel & Phototherapy (6 sessions)

Suitable for those with stressed, oily and acne-prone skin, and who desire to bring radiance back to their complexion.

Clear Pigment

The coveted secret to translucent, clear skin. Achieve perfection that touches your skin in trillionths of a second.

Picotoning & Phototherapy (8 sessions)

Suitable for those with hyperpigmentation and skin discolouration, and who wish to remove these skin imperfections or facial tattoos.

Clear Pores

Give your skin an extravagant galore. Purge your pores of impurities, dirt and sebum. Smooth and tighten them for supple, refined-looking skin.

Skinbooster & Phototherapy (6 sessions)

Suitable for those with enlarged or clogged pores, and who want an all-in-one solution for oily, bumpy and congested skin.

Total Laser Rejuvenation

A full facial rejuvenation to reveal youth and brilliance beneath. Provides an unprecedented caliber of hydration, radiance and renewal of skin.

Picoresurfacing & Toning & Phototherapy (6 sessions)

Suitable for those who desire a transformative facial experience to combat ageing and sun-damaged skin.

Facial Revolumisation

Plumped up cheeks and redefined contours, youth is now an attainable reverie. The selfie-ready skin is further enhanced with reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Filler + Botulinum

Suitable for those who want to reverse the process of ageing, with a youthful plump, rejuvenated face contour.



Sculpting your every curve for the perfect body contour.

6D Abdomen

Achieve your dream silhouette with a slim and toned abdomen. The secret to red carpet glamour lies beneath the silk and sequin.

Cryolysis & Z Wave (12 sessions) + MP (6 sessions)

Suitable for those with excess abdominal fats or ‘fat pouch’ that are difficult to lose through diet and exercise.

Skinny Arm

Shape up and tone for arms which look best uncovered. Attain flaunt-worthy slim and lean arms that bring you closer to perfection.

Cryolysis (4 sessions) + High Focused Ultrasound (2 sessions)

Suitable for those who want to reduce stubborn fat deposits on the upper arms, for a sculpted and slimmer contour.

Skinny Leg

The perfect pins miracle – sculpted, lean, and toned. A slimmer-looking pair of gems paint a beautiful mirage of longer, enviable legs.

Cryolysis & Z Wave (8 sessions) + MP (6 sessions)

Suitable for those who wants to nip the bud of all women’s nightmare – lumps and dimples on the thighs – and achieve slimmer, cellulite-free legs.

Weight Reduction

Body sculpting the most natural and sustainable way. Be empowered to lose excess fat through healthy habits.

Covette Diet Supplement & Counselling (6 sessions)

Suitable for those with Body Mass Index > 25 and resolve to restore a sleek contour and balance to the body.



Revealing the greatest hair secrets – from healthy scalp to desirable tresses, and the removal of hair.

Hair Regeneration

Restore vitality, strength and volume to your hair. A regenerative treatment that will have you all tressed to impress.

VenusMP & Phototherapy (10 sessions)

Suitable for those who desire revitalised hair. Stronger, healthier tresses that look fabulous in every turn.

Scalp Health Restore

A gentle, nutrient-packed treatment that penetrates deep into the layers of the scalp. The result – healthy, luscious locks invigorated from the scalp.

Hairbooster & Phototherapy (6 sessions)

Suitable for those with problematic scalp, thinning hair, or experiencing any form of hair loss. Effective for all hair types and textures.

SHR Hair Removal

More than your date night hair removal, achieve permanent smooth, and silky skin for that confident stride.

Advanced laser hair removal technology

Suitable for those who desire painless and fuss-free hair removal to reveal soft and smooth skin. Effective for light to dark-coloured skin and hair types.

Face (4 sessions)
Underarm (4 sessions)
Forearm (4 sessions)
Legs (4 sessions)
Brazilian (4 sessions)
Bikini (4 sessions)


Holistic Wellness

Holistic Wellness

Transform from Within

Inspire life’s transformation from within. Be empowered to make the change you have always desired with the help of your personal Wellness and Nutrition counsellor, by developing a couturier wellness vision and lifestyle strategies that integrate diet, exercise and stress management.

* Programme consists of one in-depth consultation and four wellness counselling sessions


Ultimate Wellness

Achieve ultimate wellness by developing sustainable and transformative healthy lifestyle habits. Designed for those who are committed to long term results, our Wellness and Nutrition counsellor will help you understand your personal strengths, and support you towards your personalised health and wellness goals. Be coveted, succeed in making a lasting change.

* Programme consists of one in-depth consultation and nine wellness counselling sessions